Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Machon Shilo

Once in a great while I come across a scholar who really touches my soul. Rabbi David bar Chayim of the Machon Shilo Institute is such a talmid chacham and twice during the past three years I have written about his approach to Jewish living.

Apparently, as I predicted, he is causing waves within the halachic establishment and his echo is becoming louder. While he may not be taken seriously yet by the mainstream halachic establishment, wait, and as the proverbial expression goes “hold your breath”. He is, I believe, the kind of leader in the tradition of Prof. Berkovitz who searched for truth and wouldn’t yield to the establishment even if his opinions weren’t popular. He will impact greatly on how we understand and practice halachic Judaism.

There really isn’t that much more to say other than to direct you to a series of you tubes in which Rabbi David bar Chayim puts forward his views. You can access these you tubes by searching under the title “Who or What is Machon Shilo”.