Saturday, March 3, 2007

"Let Me Get This Straight"

This was communicated to me yesterday, reflects my sentiments and wanted to share it with you.

> > >
> >
> >
> >"Let me get this straight. You allow one of the largest terrorist
> >organizations in the world to set up shop throughout your country.
> >You permit them to completely take over the entire southern third of
> >your country and you claim to have seen nothing.
> >
> >You allow the terrorists to build sophisticated, fortified bunkers
> >and
> >did not see any heavy equipment building them. You allow the
> >Hezbollah terrorists to move into many of your towns and villages,
> >including the complete takeover of one of the largest neighborhoods
> >in Beirut, where they proceed to build numerous, complex command and
> >control centers ... and
> >claim ignorance.
> >
> >You allow the terrorists to store weapons, bombs and rockets in your
> >basements. You turn a blind's eye when they carry arms into your
> >restaurants, stores and buildings. Yet you call yourself an "innocent
> >civilian."
> >
> >You sleep with dogs, you wake up with fleas. You sleep with missiles,
> >you wake up dead.
> >
> >You watch the parades with hundreds of thousands of participants
> >children screaming, "Jihad. Death to Israel, Jews and Americans,"
> >burning American and Israeli flags. Goose-stepping soldiers with
> >Nazi-like
> >receive your cheers--and all of you "innocent civilians" did not see
> >a thing (even though you were captured on videotape).
> >
> >There are giant posters of the rubenesque terrorist leader, Hasan
> >Nasrallah, all over Lebanon with headlines declaring the imminent
> >destruction of Israel. Yet you choose to elect this terrorist party
> >to your government--and all of the so called "innocent Lebanese" do
> >not know anything about anything.
> >
> >Twenty thousand rockets and launchers are shipped into your country
> >along with other military equipment by plane, truck and ship, and the
> >industrial complex knew absolutely nothing; and neither did all those
> >"poor,innocent civilians" who are now crying.
> >
> >The Lebanese "knowingly allowed (aka aided and abbetted)" murderous
> >terrorists to proliferate in their sovereign nation. Like spoiled
> >teenagers, they now refuse to take any responsibility. Of course
> >there are some
> >innocent civilians, but there were hundreds of thousands of beautiful
> >German babies and mothers in Dresden and Berlin who were blown to
> >bits.
> >If an attack emanates from your country, the entire country is
> >responsible.
> >That is how life works. Sometimes it is unfair.
> >
> >I hate when people lie to my face and expect me to believe their vile
> >fabrications.
> >Does the Muslim world really think that the vast majority of
> >Americans
> >that foolish? Only the quislings at CNN like Larry King, Nic
> >Robertson, Wolf Blitzer, et al will fall for this Joseph
> >Goebbels-style propaganda.
> >
> >The confused, immoral left and their paper of record, The New York
> >Times only see "innocent civilians throughout Lebanon."
> >Europe, that moral bastion which gave birth to Nazism, will look at
> >of men, women and children in despair, without putting the image into
> >its proper context. Yet countries like Sweden, Switzerland and
> >Ireland, who could not decide whether to support Hitler or Churchill
> >during WWII, can drum up
> >moral authority to criticize Israel today.
> >And leave it to Vichy, France 2006 headed by Jaques "Petain" Chirac
> >to condemn Israel's response.
> >
> >Seeing television snippets of wounded or dead Lebanese with people
> >on the ground crying and calling them all "innocent civilians" is the
> >as
> >looking at a photograph of the armpit of Christie Brinkley and
> >saying, "Here is the photo of a supermodel. Isn't she beautiful?"
> >The armpit picture is only a part of the story.
> >When human beings see babies or mothers hurting, no matter what, we
> >feel the pain. If we saw baby pictures of Charles Manson, we would
> >want to cuddle him.
> >
> >We cannot look at photos of so-called "innocent civilians" in a vacuum.
> >is important for all "moral, decent" human beings to realize that the
> >compassion emotion is similar to the sex emotion. Often times, it
> >interfereswith truth, logic and morality.
> >
> >Listen up, all you "Innocent Lebanese along with your innocent,
> >Hezbollah supporting government." Do you want to know why your towns,
> >villages and cities are smoldering? Do you want to know why 800,000
> >people are homeless and 600 are dead? Do you want to know why your
> >infrastructure is devastated?
> >
> >
> >
> >The answer is: "The Jews are simply not going to pack up their little
> >valises and walk into gas chambers again.
> >The Jews will not be taken from their homes and marched into the
> >Mediterranean Sea by Nazis or Hezbollah-Hamas-Syrian-Iranian,
> >Nazi-like sympathizers.
> >
> >The Jews in Israel or anywhere else are just not going to allow
> >to be shipped away like you dream about every day. Attention all
> >radical Muslims throughout the entire world and Jacques Chirac. The
> >Jews will not be walking into death camps or graves ever again, and
> >if you dare try it, Qana,Tyre, Nabatiyeh, Bint Jbeil, Kounine, Beit
> >Yahoun, Rashaya, Baalbek, Majdel Zoun, Ayt-a-Shab, etc. will all look
> >a whole lot worse than Dresden and Berlin. And Beirut may in the end
> >become hotter than Hiroshima.
> >
> >Attention Lebanon--your country is smoldering because Jews are sick
> >and tired of being murdered. You keep pushing those pathetic, weak,
> >Torah studying Jews by using terrorism and kidnapping soldiers and
> >all, yes
> >of Lebanon will be smoldering.
> >
> >I urge any person that will be having dinner with Sayed Hassan
> >Nesrallah, the big fat brave man hiding in his little rat hole while
> >his fighters
> >being picked off like little olives on a tree, to make sure his life
> >insurance is fully paid.
> >
> >Nasrallah is just a pimp for Iran, sending out his Hezbollah
> >terrorist hookers to "screw the Jews."
> >The amazing thing is that Iran is not an Arab country. They should
> >not be involved in the Arab-Israeli conflict. They do not border
> >Israel, so
> >is
> >no Iranian territorial dispute where they claim, like everyone else,
> >that Israel occupies their land.
> >Yet, Ahmadinejad's (pronounced--"a mad dog on Jihad") hatred for Jews
> >and Israel rivals that of Adolf Hitler.
> >
> >It is no wonder that the Iranian president feels this way. Israel is
> >supreme in virtually every area--technically, militarily,
> >scientifically, culturally, morally and religiously. Each attempt by
> >macho Muslim/Arab countries to destroy Israel has been met with a
> >totally devastating, humiliating defeat. Like Saddam, the skinny
> >little Ahmadinejad aspires to be the big hero of the Muslim world.
> >
> >Ahmadinejad should not be deluded into thinking that he will get off
> >as lightly as the Lebanese. He does not comprehend is that Israel
> >will not use a tongue depressor when they capture him and his
> >associates. Should Iran dare make one wrong move on Israel, Israel
> >will simply "Beat the Shiite out of them!"
> >
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